Supercool Friends, a card game to improve social skills

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Supercool Friends, a card game to improve social skills

Supercool Friends, a social skills card game for children from 8 years and up.

Age: 8-88 years
2-6 players

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A child with social skills is happier, is more self confident and performs better in school. How can we help our children to develop social competence , the ability to cooperate, make friends, and negotiate conflicts? Have a look at this card game. It can really support you when you want to teach a kid several social skills in a fun way. You can also use it during English classes.

The purpose of the quartet card game is to collect as many quartets as you can. A quartet consists of 4 cards from the same suit.

The content of the game:
1. Handy Harry - How do you get to know someone?
2. Friendly Friend - How do you make friends?
3. Wonderful Workers - How do you work together well?
4. Playful Pals - What if you want to swim but your friend wants to play tennis?
5. Daring Devils - How can you ask to join in and play?
6. Helping Hand - Someone is not allowed to join in. What would you do?
7. Bully Babies - A group bullies another kid. What would you do?
8. Rude Rascals - Someone calls you names! What do you do?
9. Cool Dudes - When they tease you, you can...
This game is conceived and created by Anne Kooijman, a child psychologist.
Beautiful illustrations are from Marieke Timp
Design: DPVS

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